Premier Healthcare Unveils Its New Weight Loss Program: Ideal Protein!

Premier Healthcare is revealing its new weight loss program, Ideal Protein, this week! As part of the program we will be doing “Weight-loss Wednesdays” on our Social Media platforms. These posts will include testimonials from our diet, shout-outs to those who are in the program and reaching their goals, healthy lifestyles tips, recipes and more!

Ideal Protein Flyer (with workshop dates)-01

Ideal Protein Testimonial: Susan LeDune

  1. Before starting the Ideal Protein program, what was your overall reason for starting it? (For yourself, your family, to feel better, etc.)

For health reasons and to look better!


  1. At the beginning of the Ideal Protein program, what were your goals? (Weight loss; lose inches, better labs, etc.)

Lose weight (at least 40-50 lbs.) definitely lose inches, smaller clothes size… lower blood pressure and improve symptoms of reflux.


  1. What was the biggest struggle for you at the beginning of the Program?

The beginning was easier for me! Taking vitamins have been a bit of a struggle.


  1. How far have you come towards reaching your goals? Or have you reached them? (Give us the total of your loss so far and the number of weeks it took)
  2. 45 lbs. lost in 23 weeks. I will have reached my goal by next week (24th week). That should put my BMI at 25.06!! 🙂


  1. If you could give some advice or encouragement to future dieters, what would you say to them?

Having a supportive spouse was key for me! Be encouraged by the smallest of goals! Never forget why you started this and remind yourself every day as you deny yourself the foods/sweets that got you in trouble to being with! 🙂


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