Weight-Loss Wednesday! Ideal Protein Testimonial: Dr. David Blemker

1. Before starting the Ideal Protein program, what was your overall reason for starting it? (For yourself, your family, to feel better, etc.)

I needed to lose weight and to be frank I was somewhat skeptical about the diet. I felt that I needed to personally experience the diet before I could promote it to my patients.


2. At the beginning of the Ideal Protein program, what were your goals? (Weight loss; lose inches, better labs, etc.)

Weight loss and my triglycerides were extremely high. (wanted to lose weight and lower triglycerides)


3. What was the biggest struggle for you at the beginning of the Program?

I had to plan ahead especially when I was on call that night, to follow the diet well.


4. How far have you come towards reaching your goals? Or have you reached them? (Give us the total of your loss so far and the number of weeks it took)

I lost 23lbs in 8 weeks. My BP medicine dropped from 20mg Byscolic daily to 5mg daily. My triglycerides dropped from 1090 to 139. My pant waist size dropped from 38 in to 34 in.


5. If you could give some advice or encouragement to future dieters, what would you say to them?

Stick with it, you will see the results.


To Find Out More About Ideal Protein Sign Up For One of Our Free Workshops!

Call Today: 812.331.3404

There will be a workshop on every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month from 5:45 to 6:30 pm at the Premier Healthcare, Landmark Medical Center at 550 S. Landmark Ave, Bloomington, IN, 47403.

The workshops will be in the Café on the 2nd floor of the building.

Ideal Protein Tri-fold Brochure (with workshop dates)Ideal Protein Tri-fold Brochure (with workshop dates)2


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