My experience with Occupational Therapy

“I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which caused numbness and discomfort in my hands. Dr. Lori Thompson, my primary care provider, referred me to Chad Royer, the occupational therapist and certified hand therapist at Premier Healthcare. We were hoping initially that therapy could help avoid surgery. The occupational therapy, along with non-steroidals, was part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

First, Chad evaluated me and did testing to determine how significant my carpal tunnel was, how much sensation I had lost and how much it was limiting my strength and mobility. His findings were much worse than I expected. He recommended exercises that are used to help create more space for the nerve and increase circulation to it. After the testing, we had a frank conversation about the amount of damage my nerves showed. He recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Hoyer, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand surgery. I wound up having an EMG (Electromyogram), performed by Dr. Beck, that demonstrated I had severe changes in nerve impulse conduction due to carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my hands.

After Dr. Hoyer performed carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand, I had a follow-up visit with Chad Royer where he removed my dressing, did sensory testing again, and prescribed an exercise regimen to keep me from losing strength and mobility during the healing process. The exercises helped insure that the tendons did not scar together as I healed, decreasing my mobility. The sensory testing showed that in less than a week of my surgery, I had already clearly improved. Chad also gave me instructions on taking care of the wound and techniques to decrease scarring.

Now, 4 months later, I am back to doing my household chores, playing volleyball and baking bread pain free!”

Shared by Bloomington, IN, resident and Premier Healthcare patient, Ann.


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